If you are considering Windermere Property Management for your housing needs, we would like to help you understand the process that we will go through together. We have established some minimum requirements for tenancy. Rather than let you apply and leave you in the dark, we have assembled this information for you. This should answer the majority of your questions although please feel free to ask about anything that you are not clear on before you sign your new lease.

An application fee of $45.00 if paying via check or money order, $45.00 + $3.00 processing fee if applying online with debit/credit card. It is important you understand that once an application is made, it is with the company you applied with. Credit report and screening information cannot be shared with other companies or individuals.
We are required to keep all applicant credit reports in the tenants/property file, they cannot be duplicated, or released to anyone. If you have any questions, please ask.


Applications are processed by a professional tenant screening company:
ORCA Information and Communications LLC


1. Positive picture ID is required
2. Each applicant must qualify individually.
3. Application must be completely filled out and signed. Failure to do so will result in delay of the processing.
4. Application fees must be paid before processing the rental application.


1. Two years of certifiable residence history from a third party landlord required.
2. Rental history demonstrating residency, but not by a third party, may require an additional security deposit equal to half months rent, or a co-signer residing in Washington State.
3. Home ownership will be verified through tax assessor's office or credit report.
4. Four (4) or more three-day notices within twelve month period will result in denial.
5. Two (2) or more NSF checks within 12 month period will result in denial.
6. Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent will result in denial.
7. Any unlawful detainer action or eviction or three (3) years old which has been paid may be approved with an additional security deposit of one months rent on a case by case basis.
8. Rental history showing $50.00 but less than $75.00 damage will require an additional security deposit equal to one month's rent, only if the amount has been paid in full.
9. Rental history reflecting more than $75.00 damage will result in denial.
10. Rental history with disturbance complaints will be denied of the previous owner/manager would not re-rent. Added security is needed for all instances of unauthorized person or pets in a unit previously rented by an applicant.


1. Your proposed rent must be less than 30% of your gross monthly income minus any long term debts (credit cards, car payments and any other loans). Monthly income shall be 3x the rent amount.
2. A current paycheck stub or LES will be required if we are unable to verify income.
3. Some form of verifiable income will be required for unemployed applicants.
4. Self-employed applicants will require proof of income from 2 years tax returns.


1. Verifiable employment is required.
2. If unemployed and unable to verify the income necessary to pay rent, applicant will be denied.
3. Self-employed individuals must be verified through tax returns or bank statements.
4. If unemployment doesn't meet the stared criteria and the applicant is accepted an additional security deposit will be required.


1. Good credit is required.
2. Applicant must exceed scoring criteria listed above.
3. Outstanding bad debts being reported on credit report which is more than $100 but less than $1000 may require an additional security deposit equal to one half (1/2) of one months rent will result in denial.

Resident Acceptance Policy Scoring:

Each applicant's screening report shall be reviewed for two types of adverse information; NEGATIVES and TERMINALS.

Negatives: The following items shall be considered negative items. If three or more negative items are found in a report with no extenuating circumstances, the applicant will be denied.

______ Any two credit accounts that have been rated R2 (30-59 days late) in the last 3 years.

______ Any credit account that has been rated R3 (60-89 days late) in the last 3 years.

______ Any credit account that has been rated R4 (90-119 days late) in the last three years.

______ Any credit account that has been rated R5 (120+ days late) in the last three years.

______ Any credit account which is rated as having gone to collection.

______ Any charge off, judgment, Chapter 13 bankruptcy vehicle repossession or lien.

______ Any landlord reference that includes two late rent payments.

______ Any instance of a Security, Cleaning and Damage Deposit which was not returned.

______ Any instance of improper, lock, or Intent to Vacate notice.

______ Any instance of a lease being broken by the applicant.

______ Any employment situation which is temporary in nature.

______ Any bank reference which shows more than one NSF check.

The following items shall be considered terminal and shall be sufficient to decline the application:

______ Any OPEN bankruptcy (A bankruptcy to which new claims can still be added) or a
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

______ Any collection filed by a property management company or a negative rental reference by
a landlord.

______ Any eviction or Unlawful Detainer action.

______ Any current 3 Day or 10 Day Notice.

______ Any income level (or combined income level in the case of married applicants) that does
not meet our 30% requirement.

______ Any conviction for the selling of drugs or possession of drugs with intent to sell.

______ Any history of disruptive behavior.

______ Any history of living or housekeeping habits that would pose a direct threat to the health
and safety of other individuals.

______ Any gross distortion of the truth by the applicant on the written application.


1. Any collection filed by a property management company will result in denial unless
paid, which will result in one month's rent as added security deposit.
2. Any unlawful detainer action or eviction within the last three years.
3. Any current 3-day notice to vacate.
4. We do not automatically exclude rental applicants based on criminal history. Any criminal history will be evaluated in consideration of when the crime occurred, what the underlying conduct entailed and/or what the applicant has done since the conviction.